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A Day in The Life of Leotie

Scrubbing the table before her, Leotie reaches up and wipes a red strand of hair from her forehead as they cling to the sweat. She hears the patrons around her, mostly murmurs, she knows her girls will inform her of any worthy news later. Once being satisfied with the state of the table, she throws the rag in her bucket. Then Leotie heads to the back of the drinking house.

Setting down her bucket, she hears the front door slam open and a gruff voice, “Where is the owner? I hear she is good with these things.” one of the barmaids rushes to the back and pushes the heavy curtain aside, “Leo, you are needed. Someone has been stabbed.” nodding; she says, “Take him upstairs, and I will grab my things.

She pulls her hair back into a loose braid as she walks over to a cabinet. Tying off her hair, she opens it up and kneels and grabs bandages, lotus, some of her other healing concoctions, and pushes the curtain aside to head towards the stairs.

Noticing the patrons staring at her, “Get back to drinking. I am sure everything will be fine.” As she starts up the stairs, someone grabs her arm, she looks down and sees Bjorn looking at her, she always manages to get lost in his eyes. “He looks pretty bad. I am here if you need me.” Smiling, she leans down to kiss him on the cheek, and she continues to go upstairs.

Opening up the door, she sees a man on the bed, not much older than 17 winters, wrenching in pain, she notices a deep wound on his right side. Looking at the man, not much older than his friend, “What happened?” She gets to work, as he starts to recount the events.

Leotie is always surprised at the things men do, to win the favor of a woman. He informs her that Delwin wanted this woman Glesni to be with him, but she was eyeing another man, Derfel. It would seem Derfel proved himself a capable man, thus winning Glesni’s favor. It made Delwin very discouraged, and he took it upon himself to go after a Vanir camp that is only a few miles away. He managed to kill several of them, but found himself stabbed pretty severely. If not for his friend here, he would be dead too. If Leo could not stop the bleeding, he may be anyways.

Delwin started to go very pale, and his eyes rolled back into his head, this caused Leo to worry. His friend started to yell at her to do something. “What do you think I am trying to do? Kill him?” Leo takes a deep breath. She looks him in the eye, “What is your name?” he looks at her and responds shakily, “Bevan.”

“Bevan, I need you to hold this bandage here. I will be back in a moment.” He looks up at her in horror as he does what she says, “You will return?” She nods and leaves the room quickly. Wiping the hair from her forehead, she smears blood along her forehead. Moving swiftly down the stairs, Bjorn locks eyes on her and is by her side. “No need to worry, I just need my sewing things.”

Walking to the back where her living quarters are, she spies the dress on the table, the one she was planning to wear on her wedding day. She had been staying up most nights working on it. She could not wait to marry Bjorn. Motioning towards her dress, “Would you be so kind as to grab the needle from that dress for me?” She lifts her hands that are covered in blood, “I do not wish to stain my dress.”

As he removes the bone needle from its place, she grabs some thread that should work to close the wounds. “If this does not work, you will have to help me with his wounds. I hate the smell of burnt flesh.” she wrinkles her nose. “Your compassion is why I love you, and I do love it when you wrinkle your nose.” Leo blushes, “Do not be silly.” She reaches up to touch the side of his face and realized her hands still have blood on them. She smiles; we can finish this later.

Entering the room, she sees everything is exactly as she left it. Bevan moves away as she comes back in, and she lifts the bandage and sees the bleeding has slowed. She whispered to herself, “By Crom, I may just save him.” She puts some lotus on his tongue and waits. She wants him to feel less pain before she starts sewing his skin together.

When she looks at Bevan, she sees how scared he is. Wanting to help him, she decides to send him down and directs him to look for Bjorn. Confident, he will look after him for her. The room becomes increasingly quiet with Delwin unconscious and her sitting there, waiting. So many thoughts in her head, but only one comes to mind.

She is so excited to be Bjorn’s wife. She had kept the dress a secret from him, but today had ruined it. She did not think she would find anyone that wanted to be with her. Being born to a Cimmerian mother, from a Vanir father is typically frowned upon. Bjorn looked past that and loved her.

Sitting up, she gets to work on sewing up his wound. Then more waiting. The lotus makes one sleepy, so she knew if he woke up, it might be a while. She tries only to use lotus sparingly, as her supplier brings it in, only so often from Stygia. He warned her that it is a drug many can not stop using, but she assured him it was for cases such as Delwin’s. If he had not seen her caring for a woman that lost an arm, he might not have agreed to supply her as he had.

One of the barmaids opens the door and is carrying a pitcher of water and a rag, “Gwynn, you are a gift from Crom, I need to clean the blood off my hands.” Gwynn nods, “I knew you would be needing it. How is he?” Leo shrugs, “We will know if he wakes up.” They talked for a few moments before Gwynn went home.

Leotie sat down in a chair next to the bed and leaned back. She could have sworn she only shut them for a moment, but when she opened them again the room was lit with candles, Bjorn was sitting beside her and Bevan sleeping on the floor wrapped in furs. She smiled at Bjorn and realized she was covered in a warm fur. “You spoil me, so, Bjorn. What did I do to deserve such a strong, sweet man, such as yourself?” He smiles at her and kisses her on the cheek.

That moment Delwin opens his eyes and turns his head. Leo sits up and puts the fur on the chair she was sitting on, and Bjorn wakes up Bevan. “How are you feeling?” He winces and grabs his side, “I would not mess with that; I did what I could.” She lifts the bandages to check the would and show Delwin. He flops his head on the pillow. She leaves the men alone to talk, and she and Bjorn head back downstairs.

The entire room is empty, and the only light coming through is from her living area. Her and Bjorn head that way, and she grabs some bread on the table and sits upon the table. “You only use chairs when you need to.” Leo shrugs and smiles, handing out the other part of her piece of bread. Bjorn sits next to her but makes a point to do it in a chair.

They eat in relative silence for a few moments. Bjorn looks up at her, “That dress you were making, you are the most beautiful woman a man could ask for.” Leotie blushes, and she slides off the table. She walks to his chair and strokes his hair, looking into his big brown eyes. Being nearly the same height while he is sitting, always was a topic that made her giggle. The only thing she could think of at that moment was how right both of them were together.

She grabs his hands and leads him to her bed.

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