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Already Working on Book Two!

No rest for Liliana and I. We are already hard at work on Book Two of The Shieldheart Series. We are incredibly excited, because of all the work we have put into this world. We hope that you all are enjoying Nymeria & Dahlia’s story.

There is so much more coming for them and big changes all around. We have literally cried over what is to come and hope you feel as deep a connection to our characters as we do. Writing book one and now working on book two, we feel incredibly lucky.

We appreciate all of you who have purchased the book so far, it has been amazing. We love hearing everyone’s thoughts. We are a little sensitive because of all the work we have put in, but we know not everyone will love it as we do.

Bringing book two to life is an amazing thing. We hope you’ll come along with us on this journey.

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Aspiring Author. Currently working on book two in a series with Liliana Cresswell, The Shieldheart Series. In her downtime, she spends time with her kids and pets.

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