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First Batch of Soap!

I have been wanting to make soap for a long time. It always seemed so complicated and sort of scary. Especially since you use Lye. This made me hesitant to ever do it.

My step-mom started making soap, and it made me really want to give it a try myself. She talked about how easy and fun it was. I got to see all of her amazing bars and how much enjoyment and satisfaction she had making it.

So I decided that I would give it a go. The only difference was, that I wanted to add my own twist to it. This brought me to crystal-infused soap. I know many of you have heard of crystal-infused water and its healing properties.

I took that concept and the water I use with the lye, I infused crystals with it first. Since I also do Reiki, I make sure I use Reiki with the crystal. Once I did that, I made sure to add my intention. This was done with the healing properties of the crystal itself as well.

One thing I knew I wanted with this soap, was for it to be as natural as possible. So when making this particular batch of soap, the only thing synthetic, was the scent. This was only because I adore the Unicorn Farts scent from Indigo Fragrance.

I tried using a natural color in the soap. Using pink clay, as I am still learning, I did not quiet get close to the color I desired. Though as this was my first test batch, I am good with it. There is room for improvement.


First batch of crystal infused soap! ##crystalhealing ##healingcrystals

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The plan is to make several different recipes of soap, in hopes of finding the perfect one. Since it takes 4-6 weeks to cure completely, I am trying to do as many as possible so I can have my friends and I test them all out and pick out the best one. This also gives me a chance to perfect the color more as well.

I look forward to eventually selling some of these along with many of the other things I have been creating. There are two things on my agenda right now and I plan to put my all into it all. A fun venture with my stepmom and a fun one on my own that delves into the more mystical side of my life.

It is my hopes that you all enjoy this journey with me!


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