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Leola Vaughan Vol. 1 – Baby in the Woods

A little woman is making her way through the woods. She stops every so often to pick things up off the ground and stick them in the pouch that is wrapped around her waist. Her hair is blonde with streaks of grey. She is a heavier set woman, with a few wrinkles to show all of the trials she has been through in life.

As she gets further into the woods, she hears a baby crying. “Miriam, you must be hearing things,” she mutters to herself. She keeps ambling over logs and around trees. She continues to hear it, so she decides to see what it is. She knows few come into these woods.

She begins following the sound and finds a baby at the base of a tree. It is wrapped in a soft blanket and wearing a little bonnet. She scoops the baby up, “Shh, little one, it is okay.” She begins to rock the baby, and she starts looking at the tracks on the ground.

As she looks down at the little one, “You have been here a while. Let’s see if we can find you something to eat.” She continues on her way back home, “Nellie will have plenty of milk for you. It may not taste the same as you are used to, but it will get the job done.”

The baby seems to know she is being looked after and begins to quiet down. She looks at Miriam in the face and seems to watch her. Miriam smiles, “Ahh, little one; you are a beauty.”

She comes to a clearing, and you can see a small barn and a house. The house is not fancy, but you can tell Miriam takes great pride in everything she has. It is tidy and decorated with her tastes. Slightly whimsical with flowers of many varieties around the home and barn.

Taking the baby inside, she sets her on the bed. She grabs a basket that she has been using to take things to and from town. She throws in a beautiful warm blanket and picks the baby up, and sets her inside it. She grabs a bucket, and with the basket on one arm and the bucket in the other, she heads towards the barn.

She enters the barn, “Nellie girl. I know I am a few hours early. Hopefully, you have enough to sate this little one.” A brown goat comes towards Miriam and stands next to her, nudging her leg with her head. Miriam sets the basket and bucket down and pats the goat. She grabs a stool and sits down next to her. “Hope you have been having a nice day; look what I found!” She holds the basket and moves it towards Nellie. Nellie smells her head and looks at Miriam, almost with a twinkle in her eye. “This little one will need some milk.” She grabs the bucket and starts to milk Nellie, who seems more than happy to oblige.

Later after the baby has a full belly, she takes her back into her home. It is starting to get dark and a little chilly. She starts a fire and lights some candles. She finds some rags that will work as diapers for the time being. She changes her, “Well, you are just the prettiest little girl I ever did see!” She bundles her back up and sits in her rocking chair by the fire.

She begins to hum to the baby, who starts to fall asleep. Miriam has no idea where she came from and knew that Ehlonna herself must have directed her to that baby. She says a silent little prayer for the small one she cradles in her arm. She looks at her sleeping little face and smiles. “You are mine now. I hope I am good enough for you.” She keeps rocking and humming.

“I shall name you Leola.”

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This is a backstory for a Dungeons & Dragons character I played

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