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Leola Vaughan Vol. 2 – Guided By Ehlonna

A little elf girl comes walking out of the wood. Her hair is a bright red, and there are leaves and some twigs in it. Her hair is long and disheveled as if she had rolled around on the forest floor, not seeming to care if anything landed in her hair. She appears to be near the age of eight, and her bright green eyes show loads of intelligence.

She is carrying a bird in her hands, it seems slightly frightened, but Leola speaks to it in a calmed-hushed tone. “Granny and I will have you patched up in a jiffy! You will be flying again in no time at all.” As she gets closer to the house, Miriam comes out, “Where have you been? You had me worried sick!” She sees that Leola is carrying a bird, “You found another injured animal? Let me take a look.” They both head inside.

Leola puts the bird on the table, and it hops about. You can see the wing is injured. The bird seems to know they are taking care of it and stays on the table. Miriam digs in a basket under the table and pulls out a small bottle while Leola rips some strips off an old dress that she can no longer fit in and two smooth sticks.

Leola climbs up onto a stool next to the table and puts her hand out, “Come here, I told you we would help you.” the bird hops into her hand and waits. Miriam comes closer and opens the bottle, and you see a salve inside. Leola nods, “This may hurt for a moment. Once we are done, you will feel a lot better. Then after a while, you will be able to fly again!”

The bird seems to understand, and Leola tenderly lifts the wing as Miriam puts the salve on the wing. Then Leola puts the sticks on either side of the wing and wraps it with the piece of tiny cloth she had ripped off her old dress. The bird left Leola’s hand and hopped around the table.

Leola wadded up her old dress and made it into a makeshift nest for the bird. The bird snuggled up and went to sleep. Seeming to feel much better and was able to relax some. Miriam smiled at Leola, “You better go see to the others.

Leola bounded off the stool and headed towards the barn. Nellie and a few others animals greeted her. A raccoon with a bandaged leg, a squirrel with a bandaged tail, and a cat with a bandage wrapped around its middle. Leola had brought all of these in from the woods. The raccoon had gotten into a fight, the squirrel had gotten its tail stuck in a trap, and the cat nearly died with an arrow through its body. It was fortunate Leola stumbled upon them when she had.

Miriam and Leola both believed that Ehlonna had put these animals in Leola’s path to protect them and save them. Each morning they would both say their prayers after rising for the day. Leola liked to do hers in the woods. She believed it brought her closer to Ehlonna.

So every morning, she would wake, get dressed and then head into the woods. She had a favorite clearing she liked to go to. Miriam would go with her, and once they returned, they would prepare breakfast for themselves and all of the animals that had found their way in their lives. Once the animals were healed, they would go on their way, hopefully, to bring more good into the forest.

Since the day Miriam had found Leola in the woods, she treated her as her own. Leola knew that Miriam was not her own, and after meeting another elf, she learned she was not a full elf. She never questioned where she belonged because she knew Ehlonna had brought her to Miriam, and they were meant to be together. They both loved each other intensely and always seemed to anticipate what the other needed.

Their place was living in the woods and spending their lives the way Ehlonna guided them to.

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This is a backstory for a Dungeons & Dragons character I played

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