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Leola Vaughan Vol. 3 – Leola Is Growing Up

The branches of the trees block out most of the direct sunlight, and you can see the fingers of the sun coming through the trees. Leola is up in a tree with a bow in her hands, barefoot, and twigs and leaves in her long red hair. She is sitting and waiting.

She has grown into a beautiful and slightly graceful woman at the age of 16. Her feet start kicking, and she hums quietly to herself, just watching and waiting. A deer comes into view, and Leola draws her arrow in her bow, goes quiet, and stops fidgeting her feet. She pauses with bated breath. As the deer draws nearer, she exhales slowly and begins to release the arrow but stops short when she sees a fawn.

The air comes out of her in a huff. She puts the arrow back in her quiver and the bow back on her back. She starts to climb down the tree, and as she draws close to the bottom, she falls on her rear. She stands up quickly and looks around as if making sure no one had seen her sprawled out on the floor of the forest.

She reaches up to flatten her hair and pulls out two twigs and a handful of leaves. “How do they always find their way into my hair.” She pulls her hair to the side and does a quick braid. Then picks up a basket that was waiting for her at the base of the tree. She heads towards the sound of rushing water.

In a few moments, she comes to a stream, and she steps across some rocks. She slips on one but steadies herself. Once across, she comes to bushes full of blueberries and begins to pick. Many of them find their way into her basket, but every few end up being eaten.

Once the basket is reasonably full, she starts heading home. She spots a rabbit in the distance along the path, and she quietly puts the basket down and draws her bow. She waits and scans the area with her bright green eyes. Seeing no offspring, she decides to release the arrow. The rabbit is killed instantly.

She pulls the arrow from its body and pulls a knife from her side. She cuts him open and takes his intestines out. She then ties the rabbit to the side of her basket and makes her way home.

Upon coming into the clearing where her home is, she sees Miriam in the garden with her hands all dirty and a basket full of vegetables. Miriam looks up with a smile and waves her over. “We have done well with this garden. We should have plenty to eat for a while.”

They both look at their bounty, and Leola holds up her basket with the rabbit tied to the side, “I brought our dinner!” Miriam smiles, “You also brought berries for a pie!” The round old woman heads towards the house with her basket, and Leola follows.

“We shall can enough for winter and extras to sell to the people in town. I am getting too old for the visits into town to sell. You will have to start doing it.”

Days later, Leola is making her trek through the forest to town after her morning prayers. She is walking beside their Mule, Arthur. He carries Furs, canned goods, and plenty of vegetables, dried meats, and some of Miriam’s healing salves. She claimed she was taking the recipe to the grave with her. Leola hoped she was just jesting; she would love to learn to make it. It has helped plenty of animals and even people.

She made it into town and went to see Stanley, the person they traded with most often. Miriam and Leola did not ever need much in the way of gold; they lived off the land. However, it is always good to have some, just in case. So once a year or so, they would make the journey to town to trade their wares for gold.

Since the journey takes half the day, Leola knew she would stay at the Inn for the evening. She finished up with Stanley, who was more than happy to buy the whole lot from her, and she went to stable Arthur for the night.

She headed towards the Inn and bumped into a tall, slender elf with dark hair and piercing green eyes. Leola not only bumped into him, but she fell to the ground and almost took this handsome elf with her. As soon as she hit the ground, he had already grabbed her arm and was helping her back up. He smiled at her, and it traveled all the way to his eyes. She found herself completely lost in his eyes.

He started to speak to her, and she just looked straight into his eyes. It took her a moment to register that he was talking to her. She lightly shook her head and smiled up at him, “I am so sorry that I bumped into you!” She becomes increasingly embarrassed.

“No, it was my fault. How could I have missed such a beautiful woman, such as yourself? If I were watching where I was going, I would have certainly noticed you. Let me make it up to you. I would like to buy you dinner.”

Leola had not spent much time with anyone other than Miriam and had never had a man show any interest in her. She began to grow red, and as her mind becomes a swirl, she realized he was still standing there and nodded at him. She was very excited to see what was going to happen.

He walked with her towards the Inn, “My name is Ronan. What might your name be?”

“I am Leola.” She continues to blush and realizes she does not know what to do with her hands.

“Such a beautiful name. It suits you.” He takes her arm in his as they walk along. She does not object.

Upon getting to the Inn and finding a table, they order some food and sit and talk. He tells her about how he is from a well-known Elven family and how he enjoys traveling. The fact that Leola had not been much further than that village perplexed him. She explained being abandoned as a child and how Miriam had raised her as her own.

They continued talking until the Inn fell quiet, and they realized either everyone had left, gone to bed, or were passed out drunk in their spots. Leola knows she should get some rest, and she gets herself a room, but she knows she wants to continue to talk to him. Getting lost in his stories and watching his eyes smile and laugh, she could look at his eyes forever.

As they go to say goodnight, he moves forward and kisses her. He puts his hands through her hair, and Leola instinctively gets closer and puts her arms around him. This was her first kiss, and she had never experienced something like this. She did not want it to end, and the passion was overwhelming her. Once their lips part, Ronan smiles, “Until we meet again, Leola.”

He turns to leave, and she goes into her room. Upon shutting the door, she leans against it and lets out a large sigh. She hoped that they would meet again soon.

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This is a backstory for a Dungeons & Dragons character I played

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