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Lots of Hard Work Paying Off

Recently I came to the realization that I can sell my services on Etsy! So I am working on an Etsy store. I read Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and I am a Reiki Master. These are all services I learned I could sell on Etsy.


Lots of hard work, but excited! COMING SOON! ##etsy ##reiki ##tarot ##intuitive

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There is so much you can sell on Etsy, and I had no idea why I never thought to do it. I started doing it as a side hustle, but it was all word of mouth and then the pandemic hit. So my plans to start my own business were put on hold.

Now with Etsy as a possibility I can do all of this in the comfort of my own home! So it has been an exciting time for me. I have been preparing to start doing it again. All is distance, so totally Pandemic Friendly!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

How I do readings is very easy. I connect with the person and I do the reading in my own home. I record it and then send the video to the client. This means they can have it to watch as many times as they want, and I am always happy to answer questions.

I have many decks I choose from. I can share the decks I have and the client can choose. If they have zero preference I will choose the deck that calls to me. After clearing the deck and connecting I will do the read.

There are so many spreads available and if the client has a preference I can accommodate. Otherwise, I will choose based on the type of reading the client wants. I do general reads, Love reads, and I can answer certain questions. As fertility is a sensitive subject I do not usually do these particular readings.


Reiki Healing

I have studied and been attuned and am now a Reiki Master. I can help to align your chakras and your emotional being. Sometimes things are stressful and we do not always listen to what we need ourselves.

Reiki healing will help to bring things together. It can release emotions you have long since buried. I tell my clients to feel them and release them. The reason they stay with you is because you did not feel them, you buried them.

The Reiki healing is done at a certain time. I need the clients first name and location. This does not need to be exact location, but helps me to connect better. I also like to have a photo of the person, it is not necessary, but it helps me connect better.

The healing can be done even while the client is sleeping. I have had people say they sleep better and fall asleep faster if I do the healing at bedtime. No electronics are needed during this time. Just need to be relaxing at the time of the healing. Did I also mention I can do Reiki on pets?

I use chakra crystals during this time. If the client wants a Crystal Grid, this is something I can do as well. I am attuned in Crystal Reiki. Many of my clients have said they feel more things when the crystals are involved.

Other Products

I also wish to sell certain products in my shop. I have been working on products that are crystal infused. Soap, Bath Bombs, and Candles. Each will be infused with crystals and Reiki with good intentions. All products will be natural. No artificial dyes or scents for this particular line.

Been studying and taking classes on making all these products at home. So this is an exciting thing I am starting. I truly hope that you all enjoy these products that are coming.


I love working from home and being with my children. Though I need a job, and most of it is spent in front of a computer. That is not my dream job. However helping people in different ways, is something I am drawn to.

Being a nurse used to be my dream, or a veterinarian. I love and want to help people, but cutting things open was not where my heart was. This is something I do, and do well that helps people and is so rewarding to me.

I truly hope that you all will enjoy what I have to offer! It all will be coming soon.


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Aspiring Author. Currently working on book two in a series with Liliana Cresswell, The Shieldheart Series. In her downtime, she spends time with her kids and pets.


  • Monica Simpson

    Reiki healing has always fascinated me. I have never tried it but would love to. I also just opened an Etsy shop about a month ago. I’m hoping for more sales from people other than my friends. Though I appreciate them. It would just be nice to get more traffic from outside my circle.

  • Ryan Escat

    That’s a really great service to sell online or in Etsy, just like you said. Hehe. I would definitely love to experience something like that even in person.

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