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Poppy the Pirate Vol. 4 – Bent on Revenge

After several months The Salty Dogs were out doing what they do and trying to find treasure, all while they were trying to get information about Kalardash’s death. They had gone over all of the belongings they had taken off the assassins. There was little to go on, but Poppy knew she needed to find anything she could. At each place, they ported she would head out on Amaranth and with her parrot, Pollock, at her side to find any information.

In the days that had followed Kalardash’s death, Poppy had become Captain for The Salty Wench. It was a unanimous vote. Everyone thought she deserved it. The other man that was nominated as Quartermaster when she was to became Quartermaster. Gardan was a quick study and took his job seriously. He knew he would take on many of the ship’s responsibilities while she was off looking for leads. This was agreed upon as a whole of the crew.

The Salty Dogs knew that Poppy would not rest until the people responsible were found. It was revenge-seeking, and the crew was on board, always keeping their ears to the ground and listening for any information they could get. The death of Kalardash affected them all and really hit Poppy hard.

It took weeks for her wounds to heal, and she now had a long scar along her cheek that was a reminder of her ordeal. Luckily she did not look in a mirror often, but she knew it was there. Her shoulder healed nicely, and she regained all mobility of it, and she was relieved knowing her journey to find who put the hit out on them might be a dangerous one. She would need all of her limbs.

One of the cities they ported at Poppy had taken the tusk of Kalardash she had found in the sand after his death and brought it to a shop and asked a kind older woman to make her a necklace with it. She wanted to keep something of him with her always. She put it around her neck and never took it off. This was all she had left of him, and it made her sad.

It took her a few months before she was able to start acting like normal Poppy. She stopped combing the beach for trinkets. She felt a bit like it was her fault they had been taken by surprise. If they had not been off looking for stones, maybe Kalardash would still be here.

Poppy followed every lead she got, and every single one had taken her to a dead end. It did not stop her from continuing her search. She was Captain and took her job seriously. All of The Salty Dogs were under her charge, and she did not want to neglect her duties. These men relied on her.

They were always recruiting, and word of a female captain had been heard. It seemed to bring more women out to want to be recruited under her leadership. For the first time, there were more women on The Salty Wench than just Poppy. It was something she was proud of. These women were amazing and brought a new flavor to the ship.

In one of the cities she ported at, she was told about a town where she could possibly find some information. She was becoming tired of going everywhere she could and following all of these leads without any results. After thinking about it, she spoke with Gardan about his thoughts. He encouraged her to go and seek this lead. They all needed to know what happened to Kalardash.

She packed up provisions and took off with Amaranth and Pollock to this town outside the desert. When she got there, she was told that they would only give her the information if she were to find a talisman that they needed to keep the town safe. She agreed to go even after all of the warnings about people going missing when they went to go get it. This was important to her, and she would do anything she could to find Kalardash’s killer.

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This is a backstory for a Dungeons & Dragons character I played

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