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Poppy the Pirate Vol. 9 – Morthos’ Mansion

Before leaving the Temple, V informs Teveral that most of the gold their emissaries took was where they had gone to meet the Dragon. He was assured that the Dragon was dead, and the zombies and skeletons were as well. Teveral thanked him and asked if they wanted anything in return. It was agreed we would like to have some Holy Wafers and Water if possible. He agreed to that.

Jansaadi helped carry Kalardash Jr as they all teleported to her kingdom. The next thing Poppy knew, she was in a palace that was built out of a massive tree. She thought it was exhilarating. She bounced along, following Jansaadi to the nursery.

She told Poppy she could come and go as she wanted to see him and that she would make sure he was safe. After getting to the nursery, she played with him, and then Jansaadi left. Poppy told Kalardash Jr. about his dad, and then she kissed him on the forehead.

Pollock sitting on Poppy’s shoulder, looks annoyed, “Babies fucking gross.” Poppy rolled her eyes and then rubbed his neck, “You are still my favorite bird.” he fluffed his feathers out and looked all important. As she was getting up, Jansaadi entered with a nanny and some guards. “No one will get to Kalardash Jr.” They would do anything to keep him safe in case Tarek knew the baby was still alive.

After saying her goodbyes, she met up with everyone as they were shopping in Jansaadi’s kingdom. She met up with Anastriana, and she was looking at a flying broom. “That is neat! I think I want one.” Anastriana smiled at Poppy, “I think I do too! Let’s get them!”

Both girls decided to get the flying brooms. Poppy had nothing that would help her fly, and everyone else in this group seemed to have something that allowed them to fly if it suited them. Poppy figured if the moment arose that she needed to fly, she wanted something. Otherwise, she was just happy riding Amaranth.

She walked around and saw a bunch of people buying stuff. Jansaadi told her that she could get what she needed, and it would just be taken out of the group fund. Poppy had never taken part in a group fund before, and she felt terrible getting anything for herself. What is the limit here? She did not want to overdo anything or be out of bounds. She was so new with this group she wanted to ease into it. The broom was more than enough.

Once everyone had completed their shopping, they teleported to The Council of Wyrms. They wanted to see if there was any new information. The group was told that all the Dragons had isolated themselves and that they had named what happened to the dragons who went feral—Draconic Identity Disorder. Poppy felt terrible for them. There is no rhyme or reason for why they are affected, and even isolating is not a foolproof way of keeping healthy.

After touching base with The Council of Wyrms, they gathered together, and Poppy described the place that she remembered from what she had heard of the last location of The Blessed Book of Magical Runes. Everyone waited, and she felt that same feeling she always does. Poppy grabbed Pollock and held him tight. She still did not like that feeling, almost a sinking feeling in her stomach as if falling.

Once they arrived, she heard Pollock, “Let Go! Too Tight!” She let go quickly, “Sorry, Pollock.” He landed on her shoulder, and she looked around herself. She and her comrades were on the shores looking towards a jungle.

Amaranth came up next to her and licked her face. She giggled and jumped upon his back. They looked around the area and could tell from the rock formation that they were in the right place. There were also signs of a camp that had already pulled up stakes and had moved on.

The area was stormy and swampy. Poppy did not love the place, but better than being too hot. She would rather take the shores during a storm than the desert. Amaranth shook some of the water off and almost knocked Poppy off. She laughed and looked around at everyone else, who all seemed miserable except V. He seemed very optimistic about finding this camp.

They started heading inland and spend the day just walking in the rain. “Too F*cking Cold,” Poppy heard Pollock saying. She was amused he did not like to get wet. As they get to higher ground at nightfall, it was still raining, and Morthos started mumbling; and he cast a spell, and there she saw it was a Mansion on the other side of this portal.

It was magnificent, and Poppy was beyond excited to explore it. They get inside the mansion doors, and she jumps off Amaranth. “Morthos, this place is amazing!” Just then, Amaranth shook and got water and mud everywhere. She just smiled brightly at Morthos, and he just turned away, “The servants will clean that up.”

She started following him around, and with everything neat she saw along the way, she started touching it. He turned to her, “Do you have to touch everything?” She hesitated as she was about to touch a vase but couldn’t resist herself and grabbed it and looked inside and then put it back. “I guess I do. You just have a lot of neat things!”

He sighed, and she kept exploring. Amaranth on her heels and Pollock riding on Amaranth’s back, “Don’t Shake Stupid Dog.” Pollock turned and narrowed her eyes, “You be nice to Amaranth, or you can just start flying everywhere.” He furrowed his feathers and kept silent. She went back to checking everything out that she walked past.

Eventually, she made her way to the dining room, and she realized everyone had started eating already. She ran in and leaped onto her chair, and she put her bag under her knees, sat there, and started eating with everyone else. She looked around, and everyone was beginning to dry out and was enjoying their meal.

Then when they had all finished, Morthos started heading to bed, and Poppy was skipping behind him and still touching everything. He opened a door and turned to her a little broody, “I will be going to bed now, Poppy.” She smiled brightly at him, “Okay!” She just stood there, and he narrowed his eyes, “Maybe you should go to bed too.” Her eyes looked up, and she thought for a moment and shrugged, “I suppose so.”

He turned and walked through the door, and that was when Poppy noticed all of the pictures lining the wall towards his room. Each one was of Jansaadi, and Poppy’s eyes got huge, and she practically yelled with excitement, “Morthos! You have a lot of pictures of Jansaadi!”

He sighs and puts his palm to his forehead, and calls for a servant, “They will take you to your room, Poppy. Good Night.” He shuts and locks the door behind him, and she skips along with the servant. Poppy stopped every few feet touching more items along the way. She was beyond excited to have a room of her own in his mansion.

Once she got into the room, she saw the bed was huge. She had never seen a bed that big before, and she thought Kalardash’s was huge. She took a running jump and tried to leap into the bed, and she realized it was so tall she didn’t jump high enough. She fell back on the floor and laughed, and then she climbed on the bed and started jumping up and down, “Come on up, Amaranth!” He lumbered on the bed with no problem and curled up and laid down at the foot of the bed.

“This is a nice place.” Pollock landed on the footboard of the bed, “Nice and Warm. Never leaving.” Poppy shook her head and kicked off her boots and her clothes, and then climbed under the sheets, “A girl could get used to this!” She snuggled up in the sheets, and Pollock landed on a different pillow closer to her, and Amaranth edged on the other side. She snuggled between the two of them.

In the morning, she did not want to get up; she was just so comfortable. Amaranth kept nudging her with his nose and then licking her, “Alright, I am getting up!” She rolled out of bed and forgot how high up she was, and nearly fell on her face. Laughing, she got dressed, grabbed her back, and tried to find her way to the dining room. Amaranth and Pollock were close behind her.

After having breakfast, they all had to go back to the high ground in the swamp and start their search again. “Fuck That, we stay!” Pollock had said to Poppy. Petting his side, “We have to go. It won’t be so bad!”

Once they walk back out into the lush jungle-like high ground, they decide to form a plan. Several of them would fly ahead in several directions and see if they could find anything. So Poppy got on her broom and headed north. They agreed to one hour and turn around. She had been flying for about 45 minutes, and she saw tents in the distance. She didn’t want to get too close. She just wanted to know if it might be what they were looking for.

Landing further away, she got off her broom and silently moved ahead and got close enough she could see they were merchants of some kind. She decided just to head back and not disturb these people yet. It seemed to be the traveling merchants they were looking for.

She flew back, and as she got to the group, she saw the rest had just arrived as well. She leaped off her broom, “I found them!”

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This was a campaign for a Dungeons & Dragons character I played

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