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Preparing for Readings on Etsy

When it comes to doing Tarot or Oracle readings, I have done most in the past year and a half, using video and sending them. I would like them to be more professional so I am working on continuing in that way. Some people do not understand how that works, believing they have to physically be present for a reading.

That is not at all true. The intuitive or reader just needs to connect with you. For the most part, they just need your name and birthday. I also prefer a photo, but not necessary. There are so many ways you can do reading these days. With the Pandemic it has opened doors for me I did not realize were even available.

When I found I could sell my services on Etsy I was blown away. I honestly had no idea that was even an option. So I have prepared some listings and am working on how best to do my readings. I am trying to decide if I will use video or audio with pictures. The past year and a half I have just taken videos on my phone and they are not very professional looking.

This lets me do it around my schedule and gives the person the freedom to watch the video or listen to the audio when they have time and ask any questions they may have. With the way our lives are, we want to do things and do not always have the time for it. That is why I want to do my readings this way on Etsy. It gives me the freedom to do the reading whenever and the person receiving to watch it when they desire and can watch it as many times as they like.

I want the audio/pictures format or the video to be professional. What I have been doing is just me holding my phone over the cards and explaining them For the most part, the value of the video does not mean the reading is not spot on, but it helps to sell my “brand” or rather myself. So before I press publish on my store, I am working on that aspect. Want them to look great and have people who want to be repeat clients.

I love divination and have grown a lot in it. There has always been a draw in me to read cards and here I am, finally making that dream a reality. The past several years that has been my journey. Following my dreams, no matter how “weird” they seem to others.

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