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Several months back I started a story on Dreame and I was very excited about it. I had an outline, a full plot, and each chapter with its own layout on where it was going. I had gotten pretty far in it, and then life happens. Magic of the Cards took a backseat to everything else I was doing. Even though I was extremely excited and dedicated.

Recently I decided I wanted to get more serious on the Dreame app and get Magic of the Cards finished. I want to learn the ins and outs of publishing there. I have heard several success stories from those who write on there and that is my dream. I want to make a living writing. Liliana Cresswell and I worked hard on Love in Civil War and love it is published. However, financially it has not been kind to us.

Writing is not about the money for me, but it did not get me any closer to my end game of writing to live. Everyone has their dream job and mine happens to be writing. It is the only thing I get excited about. Getting lost in the worlds I create and following a character or characters through the chaos I erupt in their lives. This is where the evil author in me giggles menacingly.

Magic of the Cards

So I have decided to finish Magic of the cards and test out how the Dreame app works. Liliana has also decided to test this with me. We both desire to stay home and write for a living. Never know how something is going to go until you test it out. I love waking up in the morning and drinking my coffee while I create and explore my own worlds.

If you are a writer and want to see how it goes too, take a shot and go for it. If there is something you have been dying to do but keep putting it off, you lose out on 100% of the chances you don’t take. Think of that the next time you continue to put your dreams off.

I hope you all come along on this journey with me, and I will keep y’all updated and share my success, or lack of, with all of you! Wish me luck, let’s follow Sara Proctor on her bizarre experiences in Magic of the Cards!

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Aspiring Author. Currently working on book two in a series with Liliana Cresswell, The Shieldheart Series. In her downtime, she spends time with her kids and pets.


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