Love in Civil War
Love In Civil War - Book One,  The Shieldheart Series

Second Edition is Coming For Love In Civil War

I have wanted to be an author my entire life. I wanted nothing more than to write the amazing things in my imagination and share them with the world. The bad thing about that, is I have had incredibly low self-esteem. This meant it was hard for me to even fathom anyone wanting to read the things I wrote. Then one day when just writing for fun with my friend Liliana Cresswell, Love In Civil War was born.

What started out as a Dungeons and Dragons back story took on a life of its own. Before we knew it we had nearly three books of content and we hadn’t slowed down at all. It was effortless and fun, but then we decided we should turn them into books. Using our own universe for everything.

Nymeria and Dahlia Shieldheart were our characters for our D&D campaign and they became the center of our books. Love in Civil War is about them finding love in a very tumultuous time in their kingdom. Liliana and I do not write only from their perspective, but from others as well. We have created a story we were so proud to bring to the world.

We decided to publish using Amazon and on January 23 2020 we pressed PUBLISH for Love in Civil War! It was a very proud moment for us both. I could not have done it without Liliana. For our first book it was a little rough and as we make our way through Book Two, Name we are keeping quiet for now, we decided it was a great time to update Love in Civil War and make it look even better.

Love in Civil War
Second Edition Cover!

Liliana and I had no idea what we were doing, and for our first book self-published, I think we did pretty well. Though I always knew we could do better, so we finally have in for approval our second edition of Love in Civil War! So far the Kindle version has been updated and we wait very impatiently for the paperback version to be finalized!

I know I will be buying more copies of this book as well. Seems silly, but I am proud of us for all we accomplished. We can not wait for book two to grace our bookshelves. It is a work in progress and hopefully have it out for everyone to enjoy soon!

This is such an amazing time for Liliana and myself as we grow into the authors we always dreamed of being. Thank you all for being on this journey with us!

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Aspiring Author. Currently working on book two in a series with Liliana Cresswell, The Shieldheart Series. In her downtime, she spends time with her kids and pets.


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