Editing in the Sunshine!

I was outside with my girls and decided to grab my binder and get more editing done. I have been procrastinating lately on the edits. It is so tedious and sorta boring. Though listening to the kids play helped.

The weather was gorgeous too. I found myself not finding the editing to be too boring. Added in notes for some changes and found a few typos. Those things are important to irradiate! Lucky there have not been too many. Phew!

Either way I found great places to add little bits of something special that was not going to be added until the second book. Liliana and I decided it was best to have in the first book. So making small adjustments.

We both hope to get the first book done in the next couple of months. We loved writing it so much. The editing we have not loved so much, but it is coming along. Taking the time today to sit back and enjoy it outside, helped. It breathed new life into me to get my butt moving!

My First Instagram Post!

Finally started posting on my Instagram! So excited to be starting my dream of being a writer and following it passionately. I have wanted to be an author since I was 12 and I always lacked confidence in my writing. I was so scared to even share my writing with the world so I would hide it and keep them to myself.

My friend Liliana Cresswell and I started writing together for fun. It became so much more and we decided to take our story to the next level and compiling them into books. We are so excited to bring this into the world and share our labor of love.

I just hope you all enjoy it as much as we have writing it!