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I have been looking for new places to put my writing. Some of my short stories and even novels. I have been looking at Dreame and that has been amazing. However, for my shorter options, I wanted somewhere to put them. Then I stumbled upon Vocal.

There was a challenge going on that a friend sent me, and I knew I wanted to enter it. It is their DoomsDay Diary Challenge. It is right up with my interest in dystopian stories. Give me an apocalypse scenario anytime.

For those that know me, they know I prepare for a zombie apocalypse. I would be way too excited if there ever was one. However, my daughters assure me that it will never happen. Party poopers.

After doing more digging into Vocal I have decided to move all of my short stories there. I am working on entering the DoomsDay Diary now. I can not wait to share it once it is approved.

The approval process goes through an editor. I like that an actual person reads them. Vocal is great for any type of writing. It can be like a blog or even short stories. I prefer fiction myself, but I do like to also share things from my life. One reason I like TikTok as well.

I really suggest giving Vocal a try, I created a profile on there. They are still developing a lot of options, including social elements. For me, I hope they bring out an app soon. However, even without an app, you can still use a browser to read stuff.

With or without a plus account you can make money off of people simply reading your entries. I think that is really amazing. Plus there is also a tip option for those that want to leave you a tip if they enjoyed what you post or want to support you. I think it is a really neat option and I look forward to giving it all a go.

I am not out for money, just sharing my short stories. Even my backstories from video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I love that even one of their tags is FanFic which is awesome. I have written some and I have plenty of friends who write FanFic!

Wish me luck on this endeavor and I hope you all enjoy the ride with me!

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