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Poppy the Pirate Vol. 6 – Nothing Goes According to Plan

As they rounded the corner, the fighting started. Poppy saw the one they called V taking out hoards of zombies with a symbol he would hold up. It was pretty intense, but she kept having to run far away to hit anything. There was a need in her to prove her usefulness. Being a woman and a halfling on her crew, she had to work twice as hard. She was glad that the change in the crew made it, so everyone was equal. It was a hard transition for some of the old-timers, but it was needed.

As they were fighting Poppy, saw the Vampires come into the mix about the same time the one they called Morthos transformed himself into a Dragon. The moment she saw him do it, she put her head into the palm of her hand. She had just told them what had happened to the black dragon that lived in this cave, and there he goes, transforming into a dragon.

Cursing under her breath, they continued fighting. Before she knew it, a collar had been put around Morthos’ neck, and they were dragging him to the portal. Remi’s hat fell off, and Poppy picked it up, and a wall of flames shot up between the group and her and Jansaadi. The portal disappeared, and Jansaadi teleported Poppy and herself back to the group. They found themselves surrounded by the undead. They were all fighting and Jansaadi, and some of the others found a barrier, and they made their way under it. Sandaare, V, and Poppy stayed behind fighting while the rest ran after Morthos.

She heard V mentioning that the townsfolk could use that money. Having already thought of that, she just nodded and said she knew. Not only would the gold they sent help, but once she retrieved the talisman, they can go back to growing crops again. It was a win-win for Arvoria.

Once they had accomplished the task of killing all of the undead, Poppy reached over a pile of the treasure and put several more handfuls of gold into her pouch, can’t let this go to waste. She did not have time to dig through it to find her talisman yet but figured they should check on the rest of the group and make sure Morthos did not die before she went back to her main goal.

As she walked away from the pile of treasure, the rest of the group came back with a new person among them. Jansaadi spoke up, “This is Micaiah, and she took down the vampire that collared Morthos.”

Sandaare looks at Poppy, “So what was this talisman you needed, and what does it look like?”

“Talisman of Gashti, and it is a green disk with etching scribble like things around it.”

Nodding, he looks to Morthos, “Hey, detect magic through here and see if we can find this thing for her.”

As Morthos complains under his breath, he starts to move through looking. Everyone else starts digging around, and Poppy begins to notice the same time everyone else did; it is only coins. This room is full of only coins, “Where the hell are all of the items you would usually find in a horde?” Poppy was becoming overly annoyed. A quick task has turned into a lot more than she bargained for.

She kicks the top of the pile she is in, and everyone is complaining. The new person in the group, who Poppy just noticed, also had a Dire Tiger with her, “I saw them leaving with wagons, not long before I showed up. Just outside the cave.”

That was when everyone started discussing their options, and it was decided that Poppy, Remidore, Jansaadi, Michaiah, and her Dire Tiger Tigger would all go ahead and find these wagons. They would leave the spellcasters behind to rest and Sandaare behind to protect them as they slept. While he was doing that, he started going through the coins that were meant for everyone. Poppy was behind on this plan, but more money was always a plus in her book.

They headed out into the night and started following the wagon tracks. Poppy noticed there were several humanoid footprints following along. Told her that if they attacked the wagon, there would be some resistance. They would have to decide when the time came if their more minor part of the group could take them or if they would have to wait.

Going along, Poppy hears a noise off the trail, and she decides to ignore it because it was not part of her task and she wanted to get to the talisman. Remidore took off without a sound to follow it, and Jansaadi insisted they wait for him. Puppy threw her head back and huffed.

She did not understand why someone would run off so carelessly without at least the foresight to ask for backup or to respect anyone enough to stay behind and stay on task. Poppy knew if this task were not so important to her, she would probably have run off too. She, however, found herself severely annoyed for the first time.

They heard a loud yell, and she watched everyone run off in the direction; and Poppy cursed under her breath, kicked the dirt, and rolled her eyes before following everyone else. As they came to a clearing, they were standing before a statue that looked like Remi. Jansaadi said it was most definitely him, and this was when Poppy realized they were married. Who to better know it was him than his wife?

Then they heard them. There were two Abyssal Basilisks, and Jansaadi yelled out, “Don’t look in their eyes and don’t get too close.” Poppy had never seen them in person before, and so she pulled out her bow. They all fought well and took them down. Poppy enjoyed watching Tigger do his work, it was excited to see.

When the fighting was done, Jansaadi looked more annoyed than upset her husband had been turned to stone. Poppy couldn’t help thinking, that makes two of us. Jansaadi said she was going back to the cave to get a rod they had that would turn him back. So she was going to teleport there and then back. She said she wouldn’t be gone more than a few minutes.

For a few minutes, Poppy waited as patiently as she could. She kept looking at the statue of Remi, and her annoyance grew. She walked over, intending to doodle on him. It serves him right for going off on his own and taking time away from me finding the talisman I need to find Kalardash’s killer. She tried climbing up on him and started jumping up and down.

Eventually, Micaiah comes up and puts her on her dire tiger, “Here you go, you can reach it better.” It seemed she was interested in helping Poppy do her shenanigans but did not want to partake. As the time rolls by and we realize that something was keeping Jansaadi, Micaiah walks over and starts doodling on him as well.

He was covered entirely by the time Jansaadi arrived back, “Sorry, it turns out the teleportation stone that Remi has is stone and is unable to help me teleport back. I had to use my flying shoes instead.” She took a look at Remi and said nothing, but Poppy could see a slightly amused upturn of her lips as she used the wand on him. When he returned, his mouth instantly started moving, and Poppy was already rolling her eyes and started walking back towards the path.

He kept saying how he was sorry and thought he had it handled until the second one came out of nowhere. He kept rambling on as they made their way back. They followed the trail for a while. Micaiah started to tell them that it is usually pretty dark here and that Vampires thrive in the area. It was why she was there, no lack of Vampires to kill.

We eventually come to a place where the trail goes off in three different directions. Poppy is annoyed but determined. “We could all split up and find the right wagon.” Jansaadi looked at her and said,” Yea, but that leaves one of us off alone to fight on our own.” She was looking directly at Poppy when she said that. Knowing she was much smaller and not as deadly as a vampire killer with a dire tiger or a married couple that seems to do well together. She just shrugs. “Then we could break into two groups and hope one of us finds it, and if none, then only one left to follow?”

Micaiah heads towards the trail and studies them for a while. She was leaning over and investigating the tracks and finally picks the path to the far right, “It was this one. I saw the wagons as they left, and the one I think is most likely to have your item on it went this way. It also goes to the Lord and Lady’s house… he will be missing his Lady. I just killed her outside the cave.” She had a happy smirk on her face as she said it. Poppy found herself liking her.

Jansaadi decided she would fly on ahead with her boots and told us to teleport to her in one hour. So as we waited, Remi pulled out cards asking if Poppy wanted to play poker; not knowing him well enough, she declined. So they played Go Fish instead. Micaiah did not seem interested in playing, but she insisted he kept a foot or hand touching her tiger at all times because she also seemed to be annoyed with him just running off. Poppy was just glad she was not the only one.

In precisely one hour, Remi teleported them to Jansaadi, and they found themselves a good mile away from the manor house, “Bad news, the wagon already made it to the manor.”

Poppy was a bit crestfallen by this news. It was decided we would go back to the cave and wait until everyone woke up and come back and make a plan of attack. Before Poppy could even say anything else, she was being teleported into the cave. She was really starting to hate that happening.

Sandaare was sitting there organizing coins, and they started helping. As everyone started to wake up, he hit his big palm to his forehead, “We can teleport to the tower of winds, can’t we?” V spoke up, “Yes, we can.” He makes a big huff, stands up, takes everything he has organized, and disappears into thin air. He returns, “Okay, let’s start putting things in these wheelbarrows, and I will drop them off at the tower. So for the next hour, he teleports the gold away as they all fill the wheelbarrows.

Poppy liked this efficiency. When everyone was awake, Jansaadi told them of the wagon making it to the manor, and they needed to go to it. Micaiah wanted to slay the vampires, Sandaare kept muttering about some stolen rod, and Poppy needed the talisman. It was decided that it was enough reason to take the risk as a group.

She knew that she would have gone with or without them; this talisman meant everything to her. Remidore was staying behind with some men that Poppy did not know, and he was going to see to it that the horde was moved so they could all use the funds.

While he was doing that, Michaiah was running them through a Vampire Killing class. Poppy was listening intently, and she knew this was a creature she had not faced more than the one time in the cave. She went outside and started making her own little stakes. She got about ten done when someone asked why Michaiah didn’t just use wood shape and make stakes in one swoop. So she did, and she gave everyone a stack of them. They were much larger than the Poppy Sized ones she had already made. She added them to her pile and popped them in her bag.

When Jansaadi had returned with the wafers and V had blessed them, they teleported back to the tree about a mile from the manor. As they got closer, dawn was approaching, and they saw no vampires on the walls or behind the walls. Then Poppy noticed something, a reptilian snout, and Jensaadi told everyone she saw a wing.

It was then they realized zombie dragons were guarding the manor behind those walls.

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