The Shieldheart Series

Liliana Cresswell and Leotie Valhana are very happy to bring The Shieldheart Series to life. Recently the first book was released on Amazon. It is available as a paperback and on kindle! It is even available on Kindle Unlimited if you wish to check it out.

Below you can check out Love in Civil War, which is the first book available from The Shieldheart Series. We hope you enjoy it!

Love In Civil War (Book One)

The Kingdom of Pulyra is in turmoil. King Constantine is self-serving and cares little of the people. His sons are not like their father and serve the kingdom. With the whisper of civil war, many things are brought to the kingdom.

At the heart of it is the Shieldheart sisters. They are so different, but one thing is true, they were raised to think of others and be kind. Nymeria is patient for love and Dahlia had her experiences and no longer wishes for the mediocre life of marriage.

As time passes and the civil war grows closer they have a significant change in heart and just wish for one thing: keep their home safe.

The second book is currently in the process of being written and we hope to have that out as soon as possible.

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